Weld Overdose Tamiya TA06 Rear Shock Tower

Overdose TA06 Rear shock tower (1)

Overdose TA06 Rear shock tower (1)New Tamiya TA-06 option part from Weld Overdose, a rear damper stay. The new carbon rear shock tower/damper stay will be made of 3mm thick carbon with twice the mounting positions compared to stock damper stay. This is a useful option for RC Drift and Touring Car enthusiasts.

Many of the top RC Drift drivers in Japan are turning their attention to the Tamiya TA-06 chassis. Overdose has been working to improve the Tamiya TA-06 for RC Drifting. There are now a large number of parts available for that chassis and is quickly becoming a high performance RC drift chassis.
Overdose TA06 Rigid Rear Damper Stay

  • 3mm thick carbon black graphite
  • Double the mounting positions
  • Dual layer damper height adjustment
  • Use TA-06 B Parts No. 7 posts for mounting

Approximate MSRP ¥2520JPY
Overdose TA06 Rear shock tower (2)
Source: Weld Overdose

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