Weld Overdose Tamiya TA06 Rigid Rear Axle

Now available from Weld Overdose for the Tamiya TA-06 chassis, a rigid rear axle. This new rigid rear axle replaces the oil filled gear differential for better drifting characteristics. If you are looking to turn a TA-06 into a RC Drift Spec chassis, this is the option part for you.

Made of high quality lightweight aluminum alloy for increase performance. Overdose has treated the alloy for high rigidity and durability. The new cup and sleeve is made of a aluminum and POM hybrid material respectively. The POM material is a very hard rigid plastic that has very desirable wear characteristics. The combination of POM drive cup and aluminum sleeve will ensure optimal operation of the solid rear axle.

Overdose TA06 Rigid Rear Axle

  • Gear size: 52T
  • Blue anodized cup sleeves
  • POM drive cups
  • treated alloy for high rigidity and durability
  • Approximate MSRP ¥4000JPY
    Source: Weld Overdose