Wrap-Up Next FR-D V2.0

Don’t worry you’re not going blind, Wrap-Up Next has announced a new FR-D RWD RC Drift Chassis Conversion Kit coming next February 2014. According to Wrap Up Next official blog the next evolution of the FR-D includes an optimized weight distribution layout. They have also strengthened the gear unit and provide more steering angle than before!
We don’t have much more details at this time, but will update DriftMission as information becomes available.
* SSF Main Chassis
* SSF Upper Deck
* Graphite Support Plate
* Graphite Upper Brace with Front Gear Unit (Aluminium Mounts, Aluminium Pinion gears, Carbon Composite Pinion Gears etc).
* Front Aluminium Suspension Mount
* Aluminium Steering Post
* Aluminium Adjustable Steering Link
* Aluminium Battery Holder & Stopper
* Axle Shaft
* Screws
* Nuts
Source: Wrap-Up Next

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