Wrap-Up Next GX Version 2 Front Knuckles

Wrap-Up Next recently launched a more refined version of their popular GX steering knuckles. These new knuckles have been improved for better performance and functionality by Kondo Custom.
This is highly recommended for the newly release Nervis or VX-Dock chassis, also compatible with previous WUN parts on Drift Package or FRD chassis.

Wrap-Up Next GX Knuckles Version 2

  • The micro knuckle creates the ultimate small scrub radius
  • Adjustable trail and kingpin angle, trailing amount will change proportional to caster angle
  • High steeling angle and roll center adjustment
  • New version 2 knuckle is smaller and more suitable for RWD
  • New revised shape diminishes the friction to the steering rod when it’s in full steering angle
  • Also the steering rod attachment hole has been moved to a better position
  • Attached 850 sized flange bearing, which better secures the axle shaft
  • Optional holes for brake caliper or weights
  • Available in three different colours (Silver / Black / Red / Blue)
  • The axle shaft is sold by separately (0079-FD RWD Smart axle shaft is highly recommended)

Approximate MSRP: 5184JPY

Source: Wrap-Up Next (WUN)

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