Wrap-Up Next Toyota Z10 Soarer RC Drift Body

Wrap-Up Next recently released a Toyota Z10 Soarer Drift RC Body. The Toyota Z10 is the first generation of the popular Soarer series and originally based off the Toyota A60 Supra. The Toyota Soarer made its first appearance on the early 1980s and has always been a popular car in the JDM industry. The 1:10 scale 190mm RC Drift Body is very well detailed and accurately represents the real car. Wrap-Up now produces 3-D decals to further enhance the realism of the body. The decals alone set this body and manufacturer apart from their competition.

The Wrap-Up Next 3-D decals are the next level in detail and realism. The front grill and emblems decals are like nothing else on the market, they really are extremely well done. Wrap-Up Next makes a wide range of really interesting RC Drift products from sun-roof decals to wheel nuts. This Toyota Soarer body package will cost approximately ¥5000JPY, but well worth it considering the additional details included.

1:10 scale 190mm Polycarbonate body
Polycarbonate front and rear light buckets
Paint Masking
3-D Wrap-Up front and rear light lenses decals
3-D Grill and Emblem decal
MSRP: Approximately ¥5000JPY

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