Xtra Speed Battery Charger

Xtra Speed Charger Li-Po 6A-50W Balance Charger / Discharger (AC/DC). This is a complete charging package for LiPo, LiOn, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd, Pb Batteries! This charger is AC/DC compatible so it can be plugged into a wall outlet using the included power supply or powered from your car battery out in the field. This machine can handle charging, discharging, balancing (LiPO/LiON/LiFE cells), cycling and much more. The previously used charge options will be saved in the charger so it is quick and easy to plug it in and start charging right away. This is available for under $40 USD, the complete specifications and details about this product is available in the full post, check them out!

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  • Charges LiPo, LiON, LiFe (1S-6S cells) ; NiMh, NiCs (1-15 cells); Lead-Acid (2V-20V)
  • Charging, Discharging, Cycling, Balancing (LiPO/LiION/LiFE cells) (1-5 cycles)
  • Balance Port Built In (Balances 2S-6S Batteries) (Uses Align/E-Flite/CSRC style Balance Plug Port) (Thunder Power adapter available separately)


  • Operating Voltage Range: AC100-240V / DC11.0-18.0V
  • Charge Power: Max.50 Watts
  • Discharger Power: Max.5 Watts
  • Charge current range: 0.1-6.0A
  • Discharge current range: 0.1-1.0A
  • Cell Count: 1-15 NiCd/NiMh cells
  • Cell Count: 1-6 LiPo/Lilon/LiFe cells
  • Cell Count: 1-10 Lead-Acid cells (2V-20V)
  • Current Drain for Balancing Lithium: 300mA
  • Net Weight: 570g
  • Dimensions: 135x148x45mm

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