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Yeah Racing has just released new sensored brushless motors and ESCs for onroad and offroad! This is the second generation of the Hackmoto XTA Motors with lots of improvements in terms of design, engineering and material and is exquisitely crafted to achieve high performance in demanding environments. The result speaks for itself and was very competitive to even the most high-end motors in the market with its low friction, low heat, low power consumption, low wearing with high power output characteristic. We are currently reviewing the combo, on the MST XXX-D VIP chassis. DM staff have been impressed with the performance and look of this combo, stay tuned the review will be posted soon!
The RC Drift Hacktronic XTA combo is now on special for $135 USD at
The new Motor is equipped with the Xtreme Timing Advancement System (XTA™ ) for precise timing and turbo timing as well as physical timing set ups when used with Hacktronic ESC. A revolutionary ESC that allows you to switch from Touring, Drift and Crawler programs on one ESC (With the “Hacktronic Firmware Update USB Cable #HTN-303”, Sold Separately). Fully Programmable in each program with its own set of parameters with very user-friendly interface.

Yeah Racing HACK XTA Motor Features

  • Available in 5.5T, 7.5T, or 21.5T (1700kV)
  • Size:540
  • For: 1/10 RC Car
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Gunmetal
  • XTA™ Timing (-3 to +3 Step-less adjustment)
  • Premium Quality Ball Bearing Minimum Friction
  • High Purity Copper Winding
  • Removable/Replaceable Rotor
  • High Power Neodymium Magnet
  • Premium Quality Material for Minimum Heat and Energy Loss
  • Sensor-based for Excellent Torque and Low-Speed Smoothness
  • Sensor-based for Precise Timing and Turbo Timing function for exceptional Acceleration and Top Speed. (With Hacktronic ESC)
  • Aluminum Endbells For Light Weight and better heat dissipation
  • Venting Holes Engineered Carefully For Efficient Air Flow and Cooling

Yeah Racing Hack XTA Sensored Brushless Motors are available at

Yeah Racing Hacktronic ESCs Features

  • For: 1/10
  • Support Brushless Sensored Motor
  • Multi Protection System (Motor Lock, Overheat, Signal Fail)
  • Comes With 25mm Cooling Fan
  • User Friendly Setting Interface
  • Can Swap Around to Crawler and TouringProgram with Firmware Update USB Cable #HTN-303
  • Specially for Drifters with 9 Drifting Settings (Timing Start, Timing, Timming Interval, Punch, Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Brake LV, Release Curve and RPM Lock)

Yeah Racing Hacktronic-D 120A RC Drift ESC is available at


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