Yeah Racing Spec D Tires and Wheels

Yeah Racing has designed the SPEC D series which consists of both Wheels and Tires for 1/10 RC Drift cars. They come in a variety of styles and currently are only available in 3mm and 6mm offsets. They claim to be made for a variety of surfaces, we don’t know exactly what surfaces they are talking about but assume they would be on the harder side of compounds. We will be reviewing a set of these in a few weeks time.
The Spec D Tires are made of premium material which enhance drifting performance on great variety of surfaces; while the Wheels are precisely crafted to give an authentic appearance without any trade off on durability. Spec D Series of Wheels and Tires is a must-have for drifters that care their drift machine’s performance as much as the looks.
Each set sells for $12.90 USD at, the following links attached to the part number are direct links to website for purchase.

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Source: Yeah Racing