Yeah Racing TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount

Time to upgrade the stock Tamiya TT-02? Well… Yeah Racing has new aluminum motor mount upgrade part for you. The new conversion kit improves the Tamiya TT-02’s capability and stability, allowing it to run smoother and become more competitive. It also brings better pinion adjustments for more gear ratio options. Check out Yeah Racing today! If you already have a TT-02 let us know what you think of its drift-ability!
Yeah Racing TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount

  • Adjustable for a range of pinion gears
  • Made of aluminum
  • Good heat dissipation qualities
  • Anodized in Blue
  • Includes: Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount (1 pc), M3 x 6mm Screw (2 pcs), M3 x 8mm Screw (2 pcs), 3 x 6 x 1mm Washer (1 pc)
  • Designed for Tamiya TT-02 chassis
  • Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor Mount For Tamiya TT02 #TT02-013BU

Approximate MSRP: $10.90USD

This aluminum motor mount is a an important upgrade for Tamyia TT02! It is much stiffer than the standard stock parts, and offer more power transfer to the RC Cars. This motor mount also provides better pinion sizing adjustment for greater gear ratios.

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