Yokomo MR4TC SD SSG 152% CS Mod

Date: May 28, 2011 (June 28, 2011 )
Track surface: Concrete
Tire: HPI T-Drift threaded
Motor & ESC: Novak Havoc 2s SS and Novak 13.5T SS motor
Servo: Spektrum S6010

Camber: -8 (-6)
Toe: 0 (-1)
Kick up: 3mm
Caster Setup: Stock C Hub, shaved down the inside for more steering angle
Ride height: 8mm
Springs: Yokomo Blue – Soft
Bumper weight: 65g
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Trinity 30 (trinity 40)
Other: Custom Steering Mod for increased angle, 6mm offset wheels

Camber: -6 (-5)
Toe: in 2.0 Toe Block
Kick up: 0mm
Ride height:8.5mm (8.0mm)
Springs: Tamiya Yellow –  Soft
Sway-Bar: None
Shock Oil: Trinity 30
Other: 6mm offset wheels

Gearing Front: D-like Stage 1 CS (40×10)
Gearing Rear: Yokomo FCD 1.5 (17×27)
CS Ratio: 2.52
Ratio: 252%

Front: One-Way Axle with D-like gears (40×10)
Center: Direct
Rear: Yokomo FCD 1.5 Axle (27×17)
Spur: 64pt 100t
Pinion: 64pt 24t (64DP 26T)
FDR: 10.5 (9.5)

May 26 Video

May 5 Video

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