Yokomo DIB Ver. 2 Premium Edition

The re-introduced Yokomo DIB Version 2 Premium Edition comes after several successes of the Yokomo DIB family. The new Version 2 DIB has been improved over its predecessor, essentially it is the original DIB outfitted with the Version 1, 2 and 3 upgrade package out of the box.
Now it includes narrow front aluminum lower suspension arms, Type-C bulkhead tops, aluminum front and rear bulkheads and aluminum motor cage for use with Type-C style upper for adjustable caster angles. Coupled with all the functionality and performance of the original DIB, it is now an even better package out of the box! Look for it to be available soon!

Yokomo Drift Package DIB Version 2 Premium

  • Part Number: DP-DIB2A (Blue Version), DP-DIB2RA (Red Version)
  • New Aluminum narrow lower front suspension arms for more steering angle
  • New Aluminum upper suspension arms for caster angles
  • New Aluminum front bulkheads for Type-C style uppers
  • New Aluminum front and rear bulkheads
  • New Aluminum motor bulkheads
  • In-line battery layout
  • Chassis weight balance is down the center line of the chassis
  • 4WD – 2 belt drive
  • Front mid-ship motor layout
  • Adjustable Ackerman geometry
  • Adjustable 0 to 16.6 degree caster angles
  • Low friction universal shaft
  • 45 degree steering angle
  • Carbon SSG double deck chassis
  • Carbon SSG front and rear damper stay
  • Adjustable oil filled shocks
  • Includes Front One way Axle
  • Includes Rear Solid Axle
  • Full ball bearings
  • Compatible with existing DIB option parts

MSRP at approximately ¥68,800 JPY

Source: Team Yokomo Japan

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