Yokomo Double Joint Universal Driveshafts

Yokomo DCJ for BD5

Yokomo DCJ for BD5Yokomo has Double Cardan Joint (DCJ) universal driveshafts available for the Yokomo BD5. These DCJs are a good substitutes if you are unable to find high angle universal drive shafts. DCJ will allow for more steering angle and more efficient power transfer while reducing wheel chatter. It is worth checking out

Double joint universals have been very popular in RC touring car racing due to its double jointed design. The double joints connecting the axle to prevent the loss of cornering speeds increase the steering drive efficiency in operation. Also reduced butter with increased steering angle when the axle can also be expected to maximize the effectiveness of the front tire grip, essential equipment for any TC racer. If it works in touring cars, then it will also be effective in RC Drift cars.
DCJ’s are good for increasing steering angle, but not as much as new high angle universal driveshafts that have been introduced to the market last year. DCJ’s do offer smoother and more efficient operation than wide angle CVDs.
Yokomo Double Joint Universal Drive Shafts

  • Double connecting joints
  • More efficient operation
  • More steering angle
  • Bearings included
  • For Yokomo BD5 chassis
  • All DCJ parts are available separately for easy replacement
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥5229JPY
    Source: Team Yokomo Japan

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