Yokomo has announced the latest version of the popular D-Max. The already popular D-Max special has now been improved for better performance. By implimenting the already successful BD5 suspensions system with the addition of Yokomo’s newly designed long springs; the combination enhances stability and traction. The suspension arms are reinforced with carbon resin to ensure structural integrity and increased performance under the most extreme drift conditions. The newly designed front suspension mount, motor mount, and loaded with alloy suziki hop-ups, all optimized for extreme drifting control and stability. This chassis should definitely be considered by anyone looking for a new shaft driven drifter to add to the garage.
Front Suspension Mount is designed 1.5 deg toe-out, increased steering response. Aluminium bell crank, Team Suzuki Aluminium Steering block, suspension arms are using reinforced carbon resin materials ensure increased response even under extreme drifting condition. Newly designed main chassis ensures roll balance and high end drifting can be achieved.
For drive traing, using newly designed aluminium center drive shaft, carbon reinfoced transmission case, aluminium drive cup will ensure better throttle response as well as rigidity. Motor mount also has been newly designed and easy and wide setting of motor position is now possible.
Further more, using Team Suzuku rear caliper set, it looks “bling bling”!
One of the best shaft driven drift chassis on the market!!
– BD5 Damper Suspension and Long Spring
– Front Sus Mount Toe Out 1.5 deg, rear sus mount 3deg + rear hub carrier 1 deg > New alignment setting.
– Newly designed special motor mount
– Newly designed aluminium center bulkhead cap
– Carbon reinforced transmission case, sus arms, front hub carrier
– Team Suzuki Rear Caliper Set and Aluminium Steering Block!
D-Max Special Chassis features PLUS following features
– High traction main chassis
– Titanium Screw Set
– Titanium Sus pin tapping screws
– H.D Lower Sus Arm (F&R light weight graphite)
– Graphite reinforced front steering hub carrier (caster 4deg)
– Graphite reinforced transmission case
– Aluminium front sus mount (rear toe out 1.5deg)
– Team Suzuki Real Caliper Set Front (Gold)
– Team Suzuki Real Caliper Set Rear (Gold)
– Team Suzuki Real Caliper Aluminium Steering Block
– Tea Suzuki Real Caliper Aluminium Rear Hub Carrier (Toe in 1 deg)
– D-Max aluminium main gear cover ver.2
– D-Max special motor mount set ver.2
– Front aluminium center shaft set
– Rear aluminium center shaft set
– Aluminium center drive cup
– Drive Cup rubber boots
– BD-5 pro shock set (SSS Size)
– Ray Speed aluminium spring cup
– Long springs
Source: Yokomo Japan

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