Yokomo DRB Hyper SSG Special

Yokomo has released a Hyper SSG Special limited edition kit for the already popular high-end drift DRB chassis. The new special edition kit has been newly designed with a lower center of gravity in mind. The new and enhanced midship motor mount has been redesigned to lower the overall profile of the car and center of gravity. The new kit is mounted on Yokomo’s white SSG for that extra bling look. Anyone looking for a high-end drift chassis should consider this one, and for those who already have the Yokomo DRB, an upgrade kit will be available as well.
– 2 drive belts
– Front Midship Motor Layout
– Full counter drift can be achieved
– Steering angle > 45 deg!
– Super low gravity setting
– SSG Main Chassis and Upper Deck
– SSG Front & Rear Damper Stay
– Hyper Center Bridge and Hyper Center Bulkhead
– Titanium Turnbuckle and Tie Rod
– Highly precision aluminium F&R Bulkhead
– Highly precision aluminium hyper motor mount
– Aluminium Oil Dampers!
The New Yokomo DRB Hyper SSG package includes:
– New SSG chassis and top plate
– New SSG front and rear damper stay
– New Aluminum motor mounts (Left and right)
– New Center bridge
Source: Yokomo Japan


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