Yokomo Drift Package Mini RTR

Yokomo has entered the mini scale Drift RC market with thier latest Drift Package Mini. This new 1:15 scale mini sized drifter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, especially where space is limited. The Mini sized drift package bodies come pre-painted with real D1 styled detailing, similar to their 1:10 size Yokomo Drift Package counterparts. This fully RTR package is very compact and makes for some good fun, check it out today!

Drift Package condensed finest cars driving performance, the new appearance of the completed assembly of mini-sized drift machine. Maintaining high maneuverability advantage of lightweight polycarbonate body with a realistic finish of scale D1 Drift body styling, the exterior also tune is fun. The mini chassis is Ready-to-Run, and further enhanced by the implementation of new 2.4Ghz radio. Asphalt, concrete surface, road surfaces and even carpet, this Mini Drift Package is suitable for all. From indoor to outdoor, you can enjoy the mini in a variety of situations.
Available in 5 D1 Drift Body Styling


  • 4WD rigid shaft driven chassis
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension
  • Fully sealed drivetrain prevents dust and debris
  • Completed pre-painted D1 styled body
  • Complete with front and rear universal driveshafts
  • 2.4Ghz 2-channel transmitter
  • 1400mAh NiMh mini sized battery
  • AC rapid charger
  • **Need: 4x AA batteries for transmitters

    Source: Team Yokomo Japan
    Source: Yokomo Drift Package Mini Parts List