Yokomo Drift Package RS-201 RWD Drift Conversion Set

The latest option part for the Yokomo Drift Package series, a 2WD RS-201 Conversion Kit. The focus is on the front end of chassis to optimize it for RWD performance. Recognizing that RWD requires more steering angle and overall front end setup.
Utilizing recent Yokomo releases and the popular Type-C style setup. The conversion kit includes newly designed to implement many of the lessons learnt from recent RWD gains in the community. This kit is ideal for anyone looking to convert their Yokomo Drift Package series chassis for the 2WD challenge.

Yokomo RS-201 RWD Drift Conversion Set for the Drift Package Series

  • Part Number: D-162R
  • resin front shock tower
  • resin upper arm
  • resin upper arm support
  • aluminum lower arms
  • narrow aluminum low scrub radius knuckle
  • aluminum super long steering bell crank
  • Turnbuckles and ball connectors
  • Various fasteners
  • Compatible with Drift Package Series Chassis

Approximate MSRP: ¥12800JPY

Yokomo RS201 RWD Upgrade (2)

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