Yokomo SSG Chassis Conversion for Drift Package Mini

Yokomo just released a Silver Surface Graphite (SSG) Conversion kit for the Drift Package mini. Recently introduced, the Drift Package Mini is a 1:15 scale mini sized drifter. The mini drift package yields big performance drifting at a compact size, perfect for those with limited drifting space. The SSG conversion utilizes better carbon materials for enhanced performance. It is worth checking out for mini drifting enthusiasts.

The new SSG conversion kit is visually more appealing and also improves performance. The carbon double deck structually increases its rigidity while maintaining mild flexibility for better drifting characterristics. Available in late November 2011 from Yokomo Japan.


  • SSG Main chassis plate
  • SSG Upper front plate
  • SSG Upper rear plate
  • SSG Battery plate
  • Aluminum batttery posts
  • Hardware for affixing all parts
  • Source: Yokomo Japan

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