Yokomo Toyota Goodyear Crown Long Wheelbase Body

Yokomo has announced a new body for the new long wheelbase RC drift chassis. This D1 ZERO Crown is available in two versions, one with the D1GP ZERO Crown decal set, and one without. These are made for the new long wheelbase models and conversions from Yokomo and others for 275mm VIP goodness 🙂 Finally VIP bodies can have the proper looking proportions, and it looks like there is no slowing down now!
If you are lucky enough to have a long wheelbase chassis let us know how you like it!

Product Listings

  • SD-ZCRLBS – Goodyear Racing Zero Crown ¥ 5,460
  • SD-ZCRLB – Goodyear Racing Zero Crown (No graphic decal) ¥ 4,599

Goodyear Crown
Source: Team Yokomo

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