2011 Body of the Year Results

2011 RC Drift Body of the Year by Driftmission.com

2011 RC Drift Body of the Year by Driftmission.comDrift Mission 2011 Body of the Year results are in! Thank you all for taking the time to vote. With over 350 voters it was one of our biggest turnouts yet. 15 body of the months were entered into this poll, and the winner is….

Congratulations to the winner mickeydesign from RC Drift IDF Forum in France with the Zenki Nissan S14 replica. The Zenki S14 is a 1/10 scale réplica from Timothée COUSIN, a French driver. His car is a Nisssan S14 Zenki with wide body kit and a complete Sha-do art graphics. This car has been completely wrapped no paint at all. First 1:1 drift car in France with total vinyl wrap covering.
RC Drift IDF France - Zenki S14RC Drift IDF France - Zenki S14RC Drift IDF France - Zenki S14
Congratulations again to mickey design with the Zenki S14 replica. You did a great job and will be contacted by one of our staff members regarding a prize for winning!
We would like to thank all the people that allowed us to display their body for BOTM and the community forum that they belong to; Hyperdrift Forum, RC Drift Revolution Forum, One 10 Drift Forum, RC Drift-IDF Forum and RC Drift Italy Forum. We would also like to thank the people that help us with translations from international forums, we would never be able to do it without you, so thank you.

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