RC drifting can be done with any on-road 4WD based vehicles. Electric powered vehicles provide better throttle response and are preferred for drifting. Nitro cars can be used but are a bit more complex and wont be covered in this guide. Any on-road touring car can make a great candidate for a drifter. Just get an on-road TC car and you are on your way.

The most basic and easiest form of RC drifting is 50/50 Drifting. In an all wheel drive on-road touring car, the power is distributed evenly to drive the front and rear differentials of the car. 50% of the power drives the front wheels and 50% drives the rear. So all you need now are drift tires.

Drift tires are made of a hard compound rubber or plastic. The most common materials for drift tires are ABS, PVC, PE and HDPE plastics; these plastics can be found at most local hardware stores.

  • ABS is popular among drifters because it has good wear capability and slide characteristics; sushi drift tires is a common ABS drift tire
  • PVC is not as popular due to the dust that it creates when it is worn. ABS and PVC are the harder compounds in the spectrum but will work just as well
  • PE and HDPE are better materials because they are softer for better feel and grip, but still have the hardness needed for drift tires with better wear characteristics

Basically any hard pipe that you can fit a rim onto make a good candidate for drift tire. If you are a Do-It-Yourself kind of person then this is a good project for you. For those that seek instant gratification, head to your local hobby store. Most RC companies make a drift specific tire. One of the most common drift tire is the HPI T-Drift tires. These are made of a PE type material so its a bit softer than the ABS tires. So make a decision on a drift tire and you are on your way to driving sideways!

Now that you have the car and the tires, you are ready to start sliding!


  1. can you throw out a couple of websites as to where I can find a sweet drift car for cheap!

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