DIY RC Car Rust

This Do It Yourself post is for anyone looking to recreate scale rust for your 1/10 Scale RC Car Body. This video will show you how to make your own rust bucket! Step by step on how to get authentic rust on your RC car from RcMcRae @RcNiagara DriftClub & VandalSquadDriftKrew! Source: RCNiagara DriftClub

DIY RC Car Fiber Optic Lighting

Have you been looking to add the scale LED strip lighting to your latest RC Drift body? We have seen some attempts in the past to create these types of lights, but never anything this easy. Thanks to Troy Goldberg you can create your own fiber optic lighting to your body! Source: Troy Goldberg

DIY RC Pit Box

Check out this great DIY on the cheap, now you can create your own RC Pit Box from any strong cardboard box. mpegboy has been making great videos on YouTube for a while and this is another great DIY from him. It cost $2 for the box and you can make 2 boxes storage for…

DIY RC Drift Car Trailer

We are often asked how to make your own RC Drift 1/10 Scale Trailer, we hadn’t found a good DIY until now! Check out this amazing DIY RC Car Trailer from our the RC Ninja! Probably my most favourite RC Car Mod yet. This is an instructional video on how to build an RC Trailer.…