Addiction RC Magnetic Front Body Mount

Just announced by Addiction RC comes a new system to mount your front RC Drift body to your chassis. This kit looks to be quite a bit smaller than the Active Hobby version, and is only available for the front mounts in one color. The mounts come with neodymium magnets to mount your body, these magnets are extremely powerful. Please take care when working with neodymium magnets they are very strong and can cause injuries if not treated appropriately. This kit is only available for the front body mounts. Check them out today, they should be available now for a price of ¥2700 Japanese Yen. You might want to check out the Active Hobby version as it is around the same price for a full body mount kit that is more adjustable.

AD003-3 ZERO mount

  • Post x2 chassis side with magnet
  • Magnet x2 body side
  • Body Pin x2
  • Please use this product as a front body mount.
  • ¥ 2700 tax value 抜定

Source & Order Form (Japanese)

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