Blade Racing Hippari Drift Tires

RC Drift Tires

RC Drift TiresBlade Racing Hippari Drift Tires are now available in different hardness ratings for all your drifting needs. No matter what surface you intend to drift on Blade Racing has the drift tire solution for you. These tires will help you complete the ‘Hella Flush’ look and feel with stretched tires.

  • BL208 Hippari Drift Tires – Rubber Compound Ideal for Nitro Drift Cars or those needing more grip

  • BL209 Hippari Drift Tires – Medium Compound Resin Ideal for most surfaces

  • BL216 Hippari Drift Tires – Super Hard Polycarbonate Compound Ideal for carpet surfaces

  • BL217 Hippari Drift Tires – Hard Polycarbonate Compound Ideal for concrete surfaces

  • RC Drift Tires

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