DIY Carbon Fiber for RC Bodies

Have you been looking to add a real carbon fiber look to your body? Check out this great how to from davergt on YouTube.
Get that CF look for your RC Car or Truck. Practice on scrap lexan if you are not comfortable to do on a body.

      1. Tape off area to be CF’d
      2. Paint body
      3. Remove masking tape, *NOTE* you have the choice to spray tint on the INSIDE at this point. I spray outside because it helps me judge how much tint I need and I can clean it off with alcohol if it’s too dark.
      4. Apply carpet tape in diagonal pattern or straight pattern
      5. Remove protective film on area to be tinted (outside)
      6. Spray lightly
      7. Remove backing on carpet tape
      8. Spray carpet tape with black or gold *Note* you can spray the back of the carpet tape with any color you choose.
      9. Apply decals to body and celebrate your work.

Source: davergt

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