Drift Mission Decals Contest Giveaway 3


Contest EXTENDED! Open Until August 31st!

DriftMission.com is proud to present a our third contest for a free set of DriftMission X FaceWorx decals and maybe a little something extra ^_^ To enter this contest, you will need to apply the DriftMission Stickerbomb to anything! Submit pictures of the stickerbombed item and we will randomly select a winner among the entries! If you haven’t seen the DIY decals check them out here.
Our first contest was held on Facebook and was won by one of our fans from Indonesia. Our second contest was won by a fan in The United States of America. If you didn’t win first time or second time around this might be your chance! To enter this contest simply stickerbomb an item with the DriftMission Stickerbomb graphic, and submit pictures below!
The winner will be announced on August 16th 2012, good luck to everyone who enters!
Bonus entries if submitted with a YouTube video of stickerbomb in action!


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