Drift Stage D-Like Nissan S14A Late Model

The Nissan Silvia S14 is an icon in the world of drifting, and it also translates to scale 1:10 drifting RC. D-like has released their new version of the Nissan S14. Their previous release was similar the to Q or K series S14, now they present the S14A model. This Nissan S14 is known as 後期 “Kouki” model, literally translated it means the later period model. D-like RC bodies has recently been very popular, and this one stands to succeed as well. The Nissan S class cars will always be highly demanded any drift enthusiast. Check it out!

Drift Stage D-Like has done it again, first with the Nissan 180SX, second was the Nissan S14 Q/K models, and now the Nissan S14A Late model. This car has already been featured on the cover of August Issue of RC World Japan magazine.

D-Like bodies have been highly demanded by many and are always limited production. If you want one, its best to pre-order one now from your favorite RC Drift retailers. To all Nissian Silvia fans out there, this is one to add to the collection.

Here is a real 1:1 Nissan S14A Kouki model.

Source: Drift Stage D-Like

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