Drift Stage D-Like Toyota Mark X RC Drift Body

D-Like has officially announced their new body, the Toyota Mark X GRX130. The new Toyota Mark X adds to their expanding line-up of RC Drift bodies. The Mark X is the successor the to very popular Toyota Mark II, which is still common on drift tracks today. The Toyota Mark X made its appearance in D1GP last season and is quite impressive as a 4-door mid sized sedan. D-Like is taking pre-orders now, better pre-order from D-like if you want one of these Drift RC bodies.

This new body is based on the 2nd generation Mark X design which was officially released to the Japanese market in 2009. The 4-door mid size sedan is produced and released in Japan so it is quite popular in the Japanese market. The new 1:10 scale Polycarbonate RC Drift body is very well designed and detailed to reflect the 1:1 version of the car. D-Like bodies have been highly demanded by many and are always limited production. If you want one, its best to pre-order one now from your favorite RC Drift retailers. This body will be available in Japan Mid December 2011 so watch out for it soon.

Here is a video of the Toyota Mark X in action:

Source: Drift Stage D-Like

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