Eagle Racing TT-01 GRT Drift Conversion

Eagle Racing has just released a revised version of their GRT conversion kit for the Tamiya TT-01 chassis. The new conversion kit transforms the TT-01 into a more capable chassis for RC drifting. This conversion kit changes the motor position to the front of the car where the weight is better optimized for RC drift needs. If you are a Tamiya TT-01 enthusiast, then this is a good upgrade for you!

The Eagle Racing TT-01 GRT Version 2 conversion kit will transform the traditional TT-01 into a RC drift machine. The new kit effectively shifts the motor to the front for better weight balance and control while drifting. The new version 2 chassis has been redesigned to eliminate the top brace. It is now fitted with a stiffener below the driveshaft, similar to the new TB-03 VDS design. The new kit also boasts increased steering angle, especially useful if you are going for counter steer modifications. The GRT conversion kit replaces the plastic tub chassis with a Carbon FRP chassis that will provide better stiffness and rigidity for more consistent performance. This conversion kit is very well equipped with alloy and carbon FRP goodies!
3711V2 – Eagle Racing TT-01 GRT Conversion kit Version 2

Approximate MSRP: ¥11800JPY
Source: Eagle Racing