G-Force X Weight Gauge

Are you having trouble balancing out your ride? GForce has the solution with this X Weight Scale for each wheel. This way you can make sure you chassis is balanced to your individual settings. As RWD becomes more popular this will become an important tool in your kit. The GForce X Weight Gauge displays the ratio of the right front left rear load + load]: [Left Front load + right rear load].
Weight can be checked in real time weight distribution caused by the movement of the chassis and parts. Weight scale is OK up to 2000g per scale, this tool can help you stay ahead of the pack!

Product Specifications

measurable weight

2000g or less ( per one weight scale 1)

measurement error

± 0.5g


four AA batteries (sold separately ) or DC6-13.8V

main unit size

130.4 x 104.5 x 35.3 (mm)

weight scale size

59.1 x 65.1 x 17.5 (mm)

body weight (including weight scale )


Source: G-Force

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