Keyence Tachyon Electronic Speed Controller

Keyence has introduced the next generation in brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) technology. Called the H.T.R.S. for Hybrid Thermal Radiated System and is the latest in ESC heat transfer technology. The Tachyon series of ESC feature a special ceramic board which dissipates heat better than the any heat-sink and fan setup. The new setup will significantly reduce the ESC footprint and excess weight from traditional forms of cooling. These ESCs are available in many stylish colors and patterns to better match your chassis and personal style. Keyence is definitely worth checking out.

One very interesting feature to note is the ESC continuous/instantaneous current, which is whatever the battery can deliver. No limit on max current…. imagine the possibilities. Keyence High-Tech Hobby is producing equipment that are the next generation. Quality comes with a price, and this line of ESCs are not different. These ESCs are the high end products in the RC market, so do not be surprised by the cost of performance without compromise.
Official Literature from Keyence:
H.T.R.S – Hybrid Thermal Radiated System (Patent Pending)
A special heat-conducting carbon sheet has been formed around the surface of each FET. This sheet absorbs heat from FETs within the the ESC, then the heat is collectively released outside of the unit using a special ceramic board. This is a KEYENCE original method that uniformly cools all FETs, and the world’s first revolutionary cooling system that demonstrates a heat dissipation effect surpassing conventional cooling fans and heat sinks.
Due to there being no need for aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans for multi-layered FET boards, a significant reduction in size has been achieved. The TACHYON boasts the world’s smallest class for sensor method speed controllers.
Provides the world’s lowest ON resistance levels for brushless amplifiers
Its small chassis has been loaded with 36 (the most for a brushless amplifier) of the latest high-performance Power MOSFETs. Supports REVERSE mode while also achieving competition class output performance.
No PC necessary! Possible to change settings with just the buttons on the ESC main unit (Free Operation System)
Pre-set with 3 types of programs for each category.
A wide variety of settings and adjustment functions can be conducted using only the buttons on the ESC main unit, including Disable Reverse, Drive Frequency, Initial Speed, and Neutral Brake Power.
Utilizes a high-density 12 gauge cable with 1,530 core wires
Soft and flexible, despite being an extra-thick 12 gauge cable, making machine installation easy.
Compatible with a wide variety of batteries including Ni-cd, Ni-MH, Li-Po, and Li-Fe
The rotation direction of the motor can be set arbitrarily
A worry-free design with no limits on compatible motors
Power supply: 4.8 V to 11.4V (All battery types)
Max. continuous/instant current: Up to max. current produced by battery
ON resistance value: 0.24 mĦ (FET standard value)
Compatible motors: Unrestricted
Dimensions: 31Wx30Dx19H (excluding projection)
Weight (ESC main unit): 35.0 g
Regulator for receiver/servo: 6 V, 3 A Output

Source: Keyence High Technology Hobby

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