Max Speed Technology FXX-D 4WD Conversion Kit

Max Speed Technology has recently released the 4WD conversion kit for the FXX-D chassis. The FXX-D was released as a RWD chassis, however now you can convert it to a 4WD system. This will be the first front longitudinal motor 4WD chassis on the market. For those scale junkies out there that do not want 2WD, this may be as close as it gets. Perhaps you purchased the FXX-D chassis and realized that rear wheel drive is not for you? Now you have a simple solution for you to convert back to 4WD countersteer rather than RWD. This is definitely worth checking out for any FXX users out there, at least it gives you a new option for the chassis.

MST FXX 4WD Conversion Kit

  • Part Number: 210368R (RED), 210368S (Silver)
  • Conversion kit for 2WD FXX into 4WD
  • 2 additional belts to propel front wheels
  • Gear transfer system

Approximate MSRP: $140.00 USD

Source: Max Speed Technology

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