Mikuni Factory Aluminum Knuckle V2

As the name suggests the Mikuni Factory Aluminum Knuckle has been able to achieve the industry’s lowest level small scrub radius. These knuckles come in Silver, Black or Blue at the moment. They can also be used in junction with a set of MST Wheel rotors and brake caliper options.
This is version 2 of this knuckle so make sure to watch which version your buying, version 1 will not work with MST Wheel rotors and brake calipers. The MSRP on these is 5,040 JPY but it appears you can pick up a set for around 4,030 JPY and are already available on the market.

Product Numbers

  • Blue – SSAN-02BL
  • Silver – SSAN-02SI
  • Black – SSAN-02BK

Source: Mikuni Factory

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