Mini Minami Ebisu D1GP Drift Circuit Video

The Ebisu Minami circuit, well known to many 1:1 drifting enthusiasts and a very popular venue in D1GP. The world famous minami circuit has been shrunk down to 1:10 scale size, perfect for RC Drifting… but only in Japan. This track has finally been completed and now up and running, we have finally found two videos of this track and it looks great! Wish we had a track like this around here we could drift!!!
All the details of the track have been replicated with the exception of some of the undulations. The official Ebisu replica circuit will be located at DRIFT MAX D-Like special stage, we are looking forward to videos of this circuit!

The first competition has already been held at mini minami circuit, called the “Jumping contest”. The contestants take the jump towards entry corner of the grandstand area. The same area that D1GP also has the same type of competitions. Here is a picture of Daigo Saito taking that same corner.

The Ebisu Circuit

Ebisu Circuit is one of the premier drifting circuits in the world. Located in Fukushima prefecture in Japan, Ebisu contains 7 different circuits and 2 drift pads for sliding and racing pleasure. Among the 7 tracks at Ebisu, Minami is one of the most famous. Minami (South) circuit is known as the drift stadium, a world famous drift course and hosts many D1GP venues. Most drift enthusiasts are familiar with this circuit and what it represents. Drift RC enthusiasts can only dream to slide on a track like that.

Here is a video introduction to Ebisu Circuits by Drift Colors

MAX CIRCUIT エビス南走行動画です。

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