MST 32mm Soft Coils Spring Set

Max Speed Technology has released a new soft coil springs for 1:10 scale RC drifting. The new springs are 32mm length, which are longer than traditional MST springs. The new longer springs provide softer spring rebound rates for better track performance. These springs are also available in several stiffness rates from Super Soft to Hard spring rates.
Available in Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard spring rebound rates for your personal tuning performance. The longer than average springs provide better consistency and progressive spring rate performance. The difference in spring length can effect the rebounding characteristics, therefore giving suspension tuning another dimension. Suspension is an important characteristic in the performance of RC Drift cars so these would be an inexpensive upgrade for greater performance.

MST 32mm Soft Coil Springs set (8 springs)

  • Part No: 210369
  • Available in 32mm length soft springs
  • Softer spring coils
  • 4 different stiffnesses
  • Spring Color Codes:
  • Purple/Gold – Hard
  • Purple/Green – Medium
  • Purple/Red – Soft
  • Purple/Yellow – Super Soft

Springs are sold in pairs for approximately $5.00USD
The entire set of springs (8) (1 pair for each spring rate) for approximately $16.00USD
Source: Max Speed Techonology

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