Overdose WORK Gnosis HS202 Wheels

The Overdose WORK Gnosis HS wheel is reproduced in collaboration with WORK wheels; this is the second series of wheels from Overdose. Once again you can be assured the strength and design of these rims are extremely detailed and high-grade materials are used. Eliminating the back rib is allowing for a better scale representation. As a result, you can realize the real “look” with from any angle. The offset is +7 mm and +5 mm. All colors are available in all four types of high chrome and matte chrome. The cosmetic details of these wheels are amazing, it is a scale replica of the real rim with the Work logo imprinted into the rim. These not only look good but are also designed for performance, we will be reviewing these wheels in the near future! Aesthetically, Overdose once again did an excellent job replicating the Gnosis HS wheels down to 1:10 scale. They could easily be mistaken for real ones! These wheels are available in 5mm or 7mm offsets and will make any RC Drift car look more realistic. They should be available in the coming weeks and are sold in sets of 2 for a MSRP of ¥1,050 these will probably sell out fast!

Product Listing

  • WORK GNOSIS HS202 (matte chrome / OFFSET +5)
  • WORK GNOSIS HS202 (matte chrome / OFFSET +7)
  • WORK GNOSIS HS202 (chrome / OFFSET +5)
  • WORK GNOSIS HS202 (chrome / OFFSET +7)

Brand new for 2011, the Gnosis HS202 is a fresh addition to the Gnosis lineup with its unique curved mesh design. The Gnosis design concept focus on incorporating classic styling with bold and aggressive features, such as sharper spoke edges and all new redesigned lip flange. This gives the Gnosis HS202 the look of strength without compromise the classic and rich styling. All Gnosis Wheels are two-piece construction. Utilizing the latest WORK Low-Pressure Casting and Rim Forming technology to assure the strength and quality of every Gnosis Wheels. – WORK Wheels

Source: Weld Overdose