Pandora RC Mitsubishi GTO Body

Pandora RC has released a new body the Mitsubishi GTO. This car was extremely popular in the 1990’s all the way to its last production models in 2001. The Mitsubishi GTO body is already available from Spice RC, Mikuni Factory, however this one has slightly different styling. This is a 1:10 scale polycarbonate body with a slightly wider width at 200mm and is certified by Mitsubishi Motors.

Pandora RC Mitsubishi GTO Body PAB-154

  • One-tenth size for unpainted polycarbonate body
  • Decal & masking decals included
  • Polycarbonate-made ​​front bumper inner rear wing parts
  • Front Rear Light parts are included
  • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Certified
  • (WB: 258-260mm / W: 200mm)

Source: Pandora RC

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