Pandora RC Nissan 180SX ORIGIN Labo Kit

This is another new release from Pandora RC, the Nissan 180SX with the ORIGIN Labo Body Kit. The Nissan 180SX looks extra good with this aero kit, that includes everything you need to make one sexy wide body 180SX. Pandora has already announced the Nissan S15 ORIGIN Labo Kit Body, and this one looks just as good!
We expect this body to go on sale in June 2014, and will retail for around $35-$40 USD. The body is officially licensed by Nissan Motor Co. and ORIGIN Labo, and comes complete with lexan light buckets and front/rear bumper along with the roof spoiler.

Pandora RC Nissan 180SX ORIGIN Labo Kit PAB-147

  • 1/10 size for unpainted polycarbonate body
  • Decals and masking decals included
  • Polycarbonate-made ??front & rear / bumper another body bonnet duct parts
  • Retractable front & rear / Light Accessories Roof wing parts are included
  • (WB :258-260mm / W: 198mm) Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Certified

Source: Pandora RC

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