Pandora RC Toyota Carina Body

Pandora RC has released a new Toyota Carina 1/10 Scale RC body. This body is the latest from Pandora RC and features everything you need to create your own oldschool Carina. The body comes complete with front/rear bumpers and light buckets made of polycarbonate. The Pandora RC Toyota Carina will retail for around $40 USD and should be available soon at your favorite Pandora RC retailer.
The Toyota Carina was an automobile manufactured by Toyota from December 1970 to 2000. It was introduced as a four-door counterpart of the Celica, of which it originally shared a platform. Later, it was realigned to the Corona platform, but retained its performance image, with distinctive bodywork and interior — aimed at the youth market and remaining exclusive to Japanese Toyota dealerships Toyota Store. It was replaced in Japan by the Toyota Allion in 2000 and was succeeded in Europe by the Toyota Avensis.

Pandora RC Toyota Carina 1/10 RC Body

  • Product Name PAB-152
  • Polycarbonate body unpainted 1/10
  • Decals and masking decals & accessories
  • Front/rear light buckets included
  • Certified Body from Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Wheelbase: 258-260mm
  • Width: 196mm

Approximate MSRP: ¥3570JPY

Sources: Pandora RC & Wikipedia

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