Pandora RC Toyota Corolla KE70 Body

Another excellent looking body from Pandora RC, this KE70 has been seen before on DriftMission but it wasn’t this detailed. As a side note Kamiwaza is no longer in business, so this is now your only choice for the KE70. The body comes unpainted with decals, masking, and accessories. The body is 197mm and will be available for ¥3,200 or roughly $45USD. This Toyota Corolla KE70 RC body is perfect for that old school look, the details are impressive on this body. This is the KE70 fourth generation Toyota Corolla. This car is a popular budget drifter choice, so it is nice to see it replicated in 1:10 scale. It comes fully licensed by Toyota Corporation, so you don’t have to worry if this is some R2 Hobbies fugbomb.

Product Name PAB-027

  • Polycarbonate body unpainted 1/10
  • Decals and masking decals & accessories
  • Front / rear bumper / front spoiler and bumper parts
  • Certified Body from Toyota Motor Corporation
  • (Width: 197mm 257mm)

*Note: Mirror and wiper accessories not included.

Source: Pandora RC