Raikou Drift Tires D68 Compound

Raikou Drift Tires has been in the North American drift scene for a number of years now. Their commitment to developing high performance drift tires is unparalleled by any other manufacturer. Raikou Drift Tires are made by drifters for drifters, these tires are strictly designed for drifting. Tire compounds are specifically chosen and tested for long wear life and grip/slip ratios that are best suited for many different surfaces. These tires are gaining popularity with drifters everywhere and should not go unnoticed.

Raikou recently sent us a press release regarding their new D68 drift tire compound, these tires are developed for the best performance, so check it out today!

Raikou Tires were developed on the hard pavement of NYC in search for a longer lasting tire. Practicing for many hours at a time drifters noticed that while many tires performed well not only did they have a short life span they also were inconsistent in performance as they wore down. So began the search by Raikou for a tire compound that not only performed consistently but also would yield a longer tire life.
Raikou quickly discovered that mold injection could not create the tire they were searching for. In order to crease a long-wearing tire a material of high molecular density was needed. After extensive research Raikou realized that the ideal material was High Density Polyethylene.
The “HDPE” selected by Raikou was a compound used for high pressure, high temperature and geothermal applications. In plain English, a really tough material that holds up under extreme stress and temperatures.
This material produced a tire with an excellent slip/grip ratio on asphalt and concrete with superior wear characteristics that has proven itself on the track.
The tire quickly became a favorite among drifters and exclusively used by teams such as New Jersey’s “Toxic Drift” and it’s New York City affiliates. It became the favorite on the west coast with team Kyokuro; and the tires quickly caught on overseas recently having a big following in Australia.
Raikou tires are not mass-produced as mold injected tires are, the industrial material used to produce the tires is shipped as an industrial product in open pallets, then it goes thru several steps of machining before it ends up a tire. This process does not produce a squeaky clean “shelf queen, award winning tire look.”
Raikou Tires lack the sidewall inscriptions and tread patterns that make for a realistic looking tire like mold injected one, but keep in mind that is not the aim. The purpose is to create a tire that is geared toward hard-core drifters who will put it through many hours of track time, looking for consistent performance right down to the rim and ridiculous tire life. If this is your aim then Raikou tires are for you.

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