RC OMG 7.5T Y Series Motor Test Video

Testing out the RC OMG 9.5T Y Series Brushless Sensored Motor on the Hot Bodies TC-D RC Drift chassis. We continue to be impressed by the quality and feel of these new RC OMG Motors.
RC OMG Y Series Brushless 10.5T Motor Test
Teking RS ESC
RC OMG Low Profile Servo
Hot Bodies TC-D Chassis (RC926 up)
2.0 CS Ratio (100% overdrive)
Overdose CR Kai Wheels (5/7mm offsets)
MST GA-26 Silver Dot (hard) drift tires
Oospeed NOS bottle balance weight
RC OMG has just introduced their new Y series Brushless Motors. These new motors are a 2 pole 540 sized sensored/sensorless brushless motors. The 540 Y Series motor feature a 12.5mm rotor providing the power needed for drifting. The rotor equipped with a strong shaft, which makes the new brushless motor extremely robust.

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