RC Spice VOLK Racing Wheels TE37

RC Spice has announced a new set of Volk Racing TE37 1/10 scale wheels. These wheels are finished with a new method that makes them more durable and withstand more damage than traditional painted wheels. The RC Spice Volk Racing TE37 Wheels made to the highest standard of quality and care. The wheels have already started showing up at online retailers. These wheels are scaled from the original Rays TE37 rims made for real high performance rides. These are now available from RC Spice Japan for 850¥/$10USD and come in 5mm and 8mm offsets in black and white color.

8mm Offset Product Codes

  • SPKV-003 (JAN 4562203780036) white offset 8
  • SPKV-004 (JAN 4562203780043) Black offset 8

5mm Offset Product Codes

  • SPKV-001 (JAN 4562203780012) white offset 5
  • SPKV-002 (JAN 4562203780029) Black offset 5

Source: RC Spice Japan

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