Sense Innovations ESS Pro Sound Box

This is the latest sound system for your RC Drifter, we have seen these systems in the past but have been left wondering how well they work. This new system from Sense Innovations looks quite promising and allows you to create realistic engine sounds. The kit is not only for RC drifting it can be used for RC aircraft, trucks, touring, etc… We think this kit would be a welcome addition to our RC Drift Police Chase series. This product is the application of electronics and audio technology, to stimulate different engine sounds under various status.
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  • Color: Black
  • Can Download and use other sound effect with RC/PLUS app
  • NDS:Nonlinear dynamic sampling
  • DCR: Dynamic capture recognition
  • D-Class Amplifier
  • The guide hole SOUND box for better sound quality and higher volume.
  • Can Upload Custom Engine Voice and other sound effect
  • Real reproduction of engine sound
  • Intelligent state tracking compensation, similar to the real vehicle, aircraft, the movement of sound
  • Through the design of the high-powered speakers, speakers and custom make sure small premise has the very good sound field
  • Support R/C PLUS APP For: Uploading voice, the firmware upgrade
  • With Ignition and Turning Off Sound Effect
  • With Overload (rpm lock) and B.O.V sound Effect
  • Auto Ignition sound effect at the first time of throttle
  • Auto Turn Off when idle for too long with engine off sound effect


  • Supply voltage range: 5Volts-26Volts
  • Speaker Impedance: 4-8Ohms – Do NOT use speaker lower than 8 Ohms on voltages greater than 12V
  • Output power under 4 Ohms: 20W/3S(LiPo) per channel
  • Output power under 8 Ohms: 10W/21V, 23W/18V, 30W/22Volts supply
  • Number of audio channels: TWO channels 30W X 2
  • Output is short-circuit, Overload and Thermally Protected
  • ESS-PRO Size: 53mm(L) x 32mm(W) x 15mm(H)
  • S1510 Speaker Size: 80mm(L) x 45mm(W) x 28mm(H)


  • ESS-PRO (1 pc)
  • S1510 Speaker (1 pc)
  • Throttle signal cabler (1 pc)
  • T type AMPpower cable (1 pc)
  • Quick Guide (1 pc)
  • Double-sided adhesive (3 pcs)
  • Micro-USB Cable (1 pc)
  • Manual (1 pc)


Sense Innovations ESS Pro RC Drift (1)
Source: Sense Innovations

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