Speedline 2.2 Wheels and Tires

You may have seen these wheels and tires before, they are from Thailand and replicate some of the most popular wheels around. The Speedline 2.2 wheels and tires look good and offer a larger appearance than the standard options. They are slightly over sized from standard RC Drift tires/wheels you are used to so you must use the Speedline 2.2 wheels and tires together.
You can now order a set for yourself from Oospeed using the contact form below. Each tire and wheel price is outlined below! See the attached PDF files for full listings.
Speedline 2.2 Tires -> $10 USD
Speedline 2.2 Clear Wheels -> $18 USD
Speedline 2.2 Color Wheels -> $14 USD
Speedline 2.2 Chrome Wheels -> $14.80 USD
We are putting them through their paces and find they stack up quite nicely with similar hardness of MST, Hei-KO tires.
The Speedline 2.2 tires come in 3 different types:

  • Speed Line 2.2 ST-0 Always flat tire. Polished cement asphalt mortar
  • Speed Line 2.2 CSC-0 Carpet Surface
  • Speed Line 2.2 CS-1 Cement floor

The Speedline 2.2 wheels come a variety of styles including some of the most popular ones from WORK wheels. Take a look through the pictures below to see all that they have to offer!

Speedline 2.2 Tire & Wheel Catalog

Speedline Tires & Clear Mag
Speedline Chrome
Speedline Color

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