Street Jam OTA-Zeon Option Parts

Street Jam is releasing new option parts for the OTA-Zeon. The latest edition of items include an alloy spur gear holder, annodized steering servo turnbuckles and white Carbon FRP braces. The carbon FRP parts will be in a white SSG colour for maximum elegance and performance. These new option parts will be available at the end of November 2011.

The Street Jam OTA-Zeon has been gaining popularity in the RC drift market. It is a shaft driven high end drift chassis, which is rare considering most drifters choose a belt driven car for ease of countersteer (CS) modifications. The OTA-Zeon is unique because it can utilize existing Yokomo MR4TC-SD (FCD 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0) counter steer gears for CS modifications. The debate of shaft drive versus belt drive chassis has always been an active topic in the RC drifting world. The OTA-Zeon will inevitably give shaft driven enthusiasts more of an argument over their counterparts.
The new option parts from Street Jam will include
Main Gear Adapter (Black)

Steering Servo Rod Turnbuckle (Blue and Red annodized)

Silver Carbon FRP Components:
Steering Plate

Upper Brace Front

Upper Deck Rear

Middle Deck Rear

Source: Street Jam Option Parts Form

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