Usukani Aluminum Knuckle Set RWD Version

This is the new Aluminum Uprights (Steering Knuckles) Kit RWD Version from Usukani, featuring a one way hub. This new style looks very impressive and will provide more steering related adjustments and RWD drift-ability. This Kit includes an embedded one-way bearing to help those getting started in RWD to not spin out. Because of this you may have some difficulty reversing. The Usukani RWD AKM Steering Knuckles can increase your steering angle and will provide a much better RWD RC Drifting experience.
The Usukani Aluminum Upright Kit is available in 8 different colors to match your chassis. No details yet on pricing, but we expect them to become available very soon! Usukani is new to the scene and have some amazing innovative products coming soon for RC Drifters everywhere!

Source: Usukani

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