Weld Overdose DRB Option Parts Final Production Run

Weld Overdose has announced the final production run for four major Overdose Yokomo DRB option parts. These four parts will be the OD DRB SSG main chassis and upper deck, the front and rear OD damper stays, and the OD blue & red alloy motor bulkheads. To all Overdose and Yokomo DRB Drift RC enthusiasts out there, this is your last chance to get all of these options parts. They will not likely be reproduced again.

Weld Overdose has been known for using the very best quality materials to produce their uniquely styled option parts. Due to increase prices of materials, Overdose can no longer guarantee the high quality of future parts, so this will be the final production run of these parts. Get them while you can, before they are all gone.

Overdose Final Production Run Option Parts:

1. Overdose DRB SSG Main Chassis & Upper Deck
2. Overdose DRB SSG Front & Rear Damper Stays
3. Overdose DRB Blue Anodize Alloy Motor Bulkhead
4. Overdose DRB Red Anodize Alloy Motor Bulkhead
Source: Weld Overdose

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