Weld Overdose Tamiya TA06 IFS Adjustment Plate

Overdose IFS Adjustment Plate for RC Drift (1)New from Weld Overdose Tamiya TA-06 IFS Adjustment Plate to change the mounting position. Currently the Tamiya TA-06 platform is very popular in Japan, many have already switched from ‘Drift Spec’ chassis over to the TA06. The recent releases of option parts from Overdose should be evidence of the TA-06 popularity. The new IFS suspension adjustment plate is ideal for RC Drift or Touring Car Racing applications. For anyone running the Tamiya TA-06 chassis, do not miss out on these new parts. This will enable you to move the TA-06 stock IFS position up 4mm. There is also a set in three places, including the normal position and even shock mounting position in the horizontal direction.

Overdose IFS Adjustment Plate for RC Drift (2)
The new TA-06 IFS shock adjustment plate allows the driver to alter the specification of the damper mounting position, similar to damper stays. The new IFS adjustment plate has 3 possible mounting positions. In addition it can be moved 4mm forwards for increased damper rebound. The IFS rocker arms can be used to adjust damper positions as well, so the new IFS adjustment plate can be used together for better damper response. The new IFS plate will allow the user more options for damper positions.
Overdose IFS Adjustment Plate for RC Drift (3)
Overdose IFS Adjustment Plate for TA-06

  • OD1138 – For Tamiya TA-06 chassis
  • Better damper response and control
  • 3 new mounting positions
  • Can be used with rocker arm adjustment for more options
  • Can be moved 4mm forwards for better positioning

Approximate MSRP: ¥1890JPY
Source: Weld Overdose

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