Alex Racing Design CER-D11 Plus Toyo Version

Alex Racing Design has released a revised version of high performance front midship motor drift chassis. Alex Racing Design has been popular in Japan for a few years now by developing both RC and automotive products. Their latest release the CER-D11 and CER-D11TX Plus Toyo Version; this is the CER-D11 with the High Traction chassis upgrade chassis. The new Plus Toyo version incorporates the High Traction chassis right into the CER-D11 chassis kit.

The new ARD High Traction kit is designed for the CER-D11 and CER-D11TX chassis. Designed with the experience and input of team driver Toyomichi Nakabayashi, the new chassis design has been optimized for high traction performance. The CER-D11 has been specially designed with extreme drifting in mind. This chassis was designed based upon input and opinion from the best in the Japanese RC community, so this chassis is fully loaded and combat ready! The chassis is made from the highest grade carbon materials available such that it will maintain its structural integrity and precision. The chassis includes many of the essential hop-ups wanted by drift enthusiasts, so there is little to no need in upgrading. For example, the kit includes both a front one way tube and center one way; often not included with high-end drift kits.
Included with the kit are pulleys for standard 50/50 drifting and a mild Countersteer setup. Another benefit of the CER-D11 chassis is the ability to slightly shift the battery bias more toward the front or rear. It many only be a few centimeters, but sometimes that is enough to change the dynamic of your car.

The CER-D11 (Black CF) and CER-D11TX (White CF) differ only by the color of the carbon fiber but will be available in an assortment of colors. With so many goodies included with this kit, it should definitely make the list of anyone seeking a new mid-ship drift chassis.
– Caster Angle of 7 degrees and greater
– High Camber Capable C-Hub
– 1° Toe-In Rear Hub Carrier
– Adjustable Low Friction Damper
– Front One Way Tube
– Rigid/Solid Rear Axle Unit
– Center One Way
– Include 2 Ratio Setup:
-> Normal (50/50) Drift: Rear 36T, Center 16T, 471 Belt)
-> Counter (CS) Drift: Rear 32T, Center 18T, 468 Belt)
– Newly designed Differential Axle
– Newly designed larger angle CVD’s
– Newly designed Carbon Fiber Chassis
– Colors: Blue/Black/Purple/Pink/Red/Silver/Orange
Source: Alex Racing Design CERD11 PlusTOYO Order Form