Alex Racing Design Stinger D08 Plus Toyo

Alex Racing Design has just announced that they will be creating a RC Drift-Spec version of the Stinger D08. The new ARD Stinger D08 chassis will feature the high traction Plus Toyo design. This chassis will be a shaft driven and looks to be in direct competition with the already popular Street Jam OTA-Zeon.

This is the first prototype of the RC Drift Spec ARD Stinger D08 Plus Toyo chassis. The Stinger D08 will employ the high-traction system already popular in the CER series of chassis. The D08 Stinger will utilize an efficient shaft drive system for power delivery. The motor layout appears to be similar to many chassis such as the HPI Pro-D and Yokomo D-Max. ARD designers believe that this Stinger D08 design achieves better weight balance for drifting. This is still a prototype chassis, but looks quite promising. Lets wait for the final release in mid to late February.

Alex Racing Stinger D08 Plus Toyo

  • Anodized colors: Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Red and silver
  • High Traction Plus Toyo Design
  • Greater overall weight balance
  • Shares parts with Stinger D08 Touring Chassis
  • Approximate MSRP: ¥64800JPY
    Source: Alex Racing Design Japan